Pan - O - Prag Part 1

For those of you reading thinking to yourself, 'Self, what's a Pan-O-Prag?' I can't answer that, but what I do know is my small town of Lakeville hosts a week long celebration for July 4th. It consists of midwestern fun - parades, car shows, hockey game, street food etc. This is my second year and to be completely honest it was awful but I will get into that in the next post :)

The parade part went something like this...
cute old men and their toys
marching bands!
A zamboni with a trailer (this is Minnesota after all)
more cute old men having fun
A moose, just because

Cub is our local grocery chain...
And last but not least our friend, Lars who is an international unicyclist competitor - he can do all this cool tricks like shawn white does on the snowboard but on a unicycle! He's 15!
Nothing like small town America on July 4th

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