Mat Kearney & Owl City

I Love going to Concerts, especially when I have an awesome date like my brother Andy! He loves Owl City as much as I do and he loves his concerts all the lights and drum rifts its a fabulous time. Maggie got to stay home with the grandparents!

Mat Kearney was fabulous! I love his voice and his live style is very similar to Jason Mraz which means he interacts with the crowd and is a great performer. I love his song 'Undeniable'
Fun lights and great music - The whole experience of a concert is the best! I love when your heart is beating with the drum and you can real the vibrations coming up from the floor.
While he sang 'Fire and Rain' he came into the crowd and began to walk towards us. This is him as he approached me... he came up and hugged me and then did the side hug as he sang which I was singing with the crowd, he put the mic in front me and we sang together! It was fun and definitely a memorable concert moment. I am now an ever bigger fan of his.
And last and certainly not least - Adam Young AKA Owl City! Vibrant, colorful, musically awesome and a wonderful concert! Second time seeing him and won't be the last!
I loved the songs 'Angeles' and 'Lonely Lullaby'
And as always 'Fireflies' & 'Vanilla Twilight'
Can't wait till the next show.

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