1 step forward 5 steps back

Ever feel like your taking one step forward only to go back 5? Well then your not alone! I recently have been focusing on the little things so that I would have some sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, however usually I still feel like the world is agaisnt me and I need to work on my Karma or something! The saying "When it rains it pours" comes to mind. It can't just be one thing that goes wrong but a hundred things! why? Why? WHY?

I'll give you an example for those of you that would like to feel better about your life :)
(I can relate to those dinosaurs)
I managed to save up a years worth of mileage reimbursement forms to fax in - with the thought that I could have a bit of a financial nest for if/when something came up. I am not exaggerating after cashing the check - within a day, Maggie's Child support check basically vanished and my car died! Seriously?!?

So I'm broke again - but really that's nothing new :)

BUT have you ever noticed when money is non exsistent everything goes wrong and gets really expense?!? Why is that? All I know is that the past 2 months I have had to scrap by AND my car has died twice, a huge dental bill came and I haven't even received my dental bill yet! Oh OH it gets better - I spent hours and multiple days at school getting registered and filling out forms and trying to be on top of everything and today (13 days before semester starts) I was told I'm missing a form and have to start from scratch, because I was missing this form I was dropped and my award money was not sent out ... So I am hoping and praying that the classes I need are still available and trying not to panic or freak out...

I am not a happy girl

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