I may be crazy

Their is a slight possibility that I am crazy. I have registered for a full fall semester...


Including a Biology human genetics course with LAB...


I have this crazy idea that I will be able to work and care for my child and do something I love so that the whole aspect of money will still be challenging, I'm never going to be warren buffet but independent and making personal progress. Which... lead me to deciding that slowing finishing up school was not what I want to do. I want to finish yesterday! My impatience with not personally progressing has reached new levels so I am forcing myself to take control of what I am able to control and make it work!

How this is going to work you ask yourself? Not entirely sure yet

I know I have a block of time in which Maggie is at ABA and I can be in class as well as study.

That's my game plan lets see how well it goes after a few weeks :-) I finished up my summer class with an A, so I am positive moving forward!

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