After thinking about it, which takes a lot of brain cells, I had to reassess assessments!
Are they repetitive, depressing and emotionally exhausting, YES. But on the flip side of the coin, I don't want to imagine my life without the knowledge and expertise of the professional, who by assessments can accommodate and really help my baby.

I don't like going through the process...

I really don't like hearing the results and the following steps that come after the initial tests.

It's like a blow to your abilities as a parent. A knife through your body, the body that gave life to this child.

I am however seeing progress! PROGRESS. That's the Magic word every doctor and therapist asks me about. Every appointment consists of the phrases "Are you seeing any progress?" or "I'm seeing progress!" I know it's easier for them to see strides when they only see her every 3-4 months or even once a year. For me though It's had to pay attention to the little, small progression she makes. I was trying to make a mental lists of things Maggie can do completely on her own, things she can do with some assistance, and the tasks she has yet to try, partake in, or will never do. I realized if I put her car seat in the center, allowing enough room on the seat for her to rotate her body around she can get in the seat by herself! I know, a 5 year old getting into a car seat, big deal right!?! - BUT It's those tiny steps that make the days easier, make the testing and all the assessments bearable.

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