Football I love thee

January was an exciting month with the Superbowl, with the endless coverage of football on TV and pictures in magazines. Going out and seeing everyone wear jerseys. Maggie loves January and the Football frenzy that is the Superbowl. However when February came and weekends were no longer filled with football I had a very sad little girl. How do you explain to a then 4 yr old, that the season will return in a few months but the football players need a break?

Every Saturday and Sunday morning she wakes up and points to her Adrian Peterson Poster next to her bed and signs 'Football' and then when I say 'not today' she quickly signs 'Please' -because that works for almost everything she wants. I really love that she tries so hard to communicate and is motivated when it's something she really likes or wants.

It's no wonder to me that she signs 'Cereal' & 'Touchdown/Football'

No football on the weekends is not an option so as the caring mother who would do anything for her child.... resorts to NFL channel and Vikings DVD's .... I know pathetic and kinda sad... but watch this video and you'll understand

Pure Joy and Happiness. I know what my baby loves!

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