This morning in nursery I had a riveting conversation with an incredibly intelligent child about specific species of dinosaurs, characteristics of whales, traveling and food. I then braided a 2 year olds hair. I mean TWO french braids with her thin curly blonde hair. she sat for at least 10 minutes while my fingers worked this fine and whispy hair. And as so often is the case, I then looked over at my daughter, on the other side of the room away from everyone, twisting a chewy in her mouth while touching and mouthing everything in the room. I got that feeling that...

I will never have those experiences with my child.

It's hard to watch my child fixate on an object for an unusual amount of time. Or become so unhappy and so miserable so quickly in a situation. I try and praise her for every step she takes on her own or every page of a book she turns. I know I must say 'NO' or 'Don't do that!' a million times a day.

Some days are harder than others - Some days I stumble across articles like This. A mom with years more experience who gave me some perspective, hope as well as reality (which can really be rough)

If she, along with the many thousands of other moms can survive so can I - but I'm not going to lie or pretend that I'm excited for the next meltdown, because I'm not! But I am excited to see milestones, however small they may be to other children's, I'm excited for Maggie and her life! She's such a happy and joyful little person. From such a young age she was fascinated with everything and made everyone around her fall in love with babies. She even inspired a friend of mine to start her own family and she now has 3 children!

  • Figure out what I need to learn from a bad situation so that I don't repeat that mistake the next time.
  • Become more comfortable with others (strangers, random judge mental individuals)
  • I need to try harder to find the blessings in the challenges.
  • Not stress so much and just take it a day at a time

When you’re dealing with something like autism it’s a challenge 24 hours a day for your whole life.

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