Long Night

It's just been one of those nights... Screaming, laughing, blood, injuries, food everywhere, crying & that's only the child don't get started on the Cats!! Seriously though it has been a Long afternoon/evening. Maggie's Speech therapist was out sick so speech was cancelled. Then because I live on Antarctica (Minnesota, same difference) Horse Therapy was cancelled on account of COLD and WIND CHILL - seriously May 2nd and it's 38 degrees!!!

So after finding football which was fabulous, the chaos began first was Maggie getting her leg stuck under the chair. She started laughing, so I laughed back and talked to her, then I walked around the couch and she started crying so I went back and saw she was stuck! I mean her leg up to her knee, tightly pinched under the chair - I have no idea how she got under there! I pulled her out and crisis dealt with. Hopefully only temporary scarring...

Then I was sitting on the couch having a conversation with my brother when Maggie reached out and scratched my neck and back with her freakishly long nails - I jumped and walked in the other room as to avoid screaming and scarring my child for life. I calmly came back into the room after the initial shock and realized I was only momentarily injured and she would survive without scarring only to find my child bleeding from her mouth. After filling 2 towels full of blood stains, the bleeding stopped and I found her lip spilt from dryness I'm guessing.

Then dinner came which consisted of a bunch of items she did not want to consume... And then there were Panda Puffs, her beloved cereal.... She ate cereal for every handful half fell on the floor, consumed by the dog and the other half went in her moth or fell on the couch... I mean so many peanut butter balls they were everywhere!!!

By the time it was bed time she was crying and throwing herself on the stairs and I had had enough - I was done! Tired. Stressed. Exhausted. Done with being patient and calm. I couldn't find a sippy cup - I took her cup from the previous night and had to rinse it out with scalding hot water to get ride of the fake milk residue only to fill it up with more fake milk and when she fell asleep it was heaven! I mean I love my kid but she needs sleep and I need a break!

I'm tired - Good night and Good Luck!

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