Play Date

A Play date is a strange activity where typical children want to play together... A play date between two autistic children... is a tolerance of each other in the same room playing with similar toys and maintaining each others personal bubbles! Mags has a friend from school, Maxwell who is just the cutest child on the planet, who is her perfect play mate.

1. He loves Trains!
2. He doesn't like to be touched.
3. He will make eye contact at least once an hour which is enough for Mags!
4. He has a house full of trains, cars and airplanes (all things Maggie loves)

Today we spent several hours enjoying Maggie and Maxwell playing together. And by together I mean in the same room and making occasional eye contact :) They are sweet together. And being around other parents who experience the same situations that I do make it seem.......... REAL. Real in the sense I'm not the only parent who has these experiences. both kids were 'Stiming' on the floor. Mouthing everything! Throwing, crying, melting down over nothing and chewing on my clothes and crying then laughing all while I am trying to understand her 'signs'

It's not easy - But I'm not alone!

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