Car Rides

Do you dread taking your child for rides in the car? Have you ever referred to your child as a 10lb terrorist? Well then do we have a lot in common! When I brought Mags home from the hospital as a baby, she cried but everyone knows that's what newborns do! However as time went by and with each excruciating road trip, changes had to be made. I would plan trips to the store while she was at therapy or have my parents watch her if I needed to run to the bank. Even short trips were miserable. Now I don't have any brilliant solutions but I can tell you, when she was finally big enough (20 months) to change car seats to a forward facing seat, life got better. I mean not drastically at first but gradually. Baby steps! And I am happy to say there is light at the end of the tunnel - this sweet child was happy the majority of the road trip from minneapolis to chicago! What more could a mom want?

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