Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo is in downtown Chicago, free to the public and open 364 days a year! It's fantastic and full of cool animals. Maggie and I ventured downtown to explore the new gorilla habitat. No surprise Mags liked running free with the wind n her face and licking rocks more than the gorillas but it was fun getting out and having a new experience.

I never knew how geologists could be so fascinated by rocks! Apparently Maggie understands...
The gorilla was as fascinated with Mags and she was with him :-)

Anything in water is a winner for this lady!
And of course... SNAKES. She loves them. As long as they are behind glass I'm fine with them too. But hear my words child - No pet snakes!
Then She mouthed everything! I have given up on germs. The fact she is not constantly sick reminds me she has an amazing immune system and with all her other challenges I am grateful for an iron immune system!

Her awesome pointing skills! Makes me smile to she her progress!

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