Artistic Expression

Tattoos - Taboo or Skin as an art median?!? Well seeing as this is my blog, therefore my opinion. (I have total creative control, Mags is cute factor) My opinion is that Tattoos are a beautiful and artistic way to express yourself. Deeply personal and should be done after much thought and consideration to placement, size and meaning.

I Understand the argument that you are permanently altering your body. I respectfully disagree.

I am not about to go out tomorrow and get full sleeves! However I have decided on a couple of designs that are personal. Specific to events in my life. A part of who I am.

These are my thoughts and rules on getting a tattoo
1. Any action or thought that is permanent should take place in your normal and sober state.
2. Names - think twice
Children, parents, siblings(you like), grandparents... possibly pets but I'd stop there
3. Location, Location, Location
4. Going into a shop and choosing butterfly design #16 is not only lazy but unoriginal - it's your tattoo and therefore should be unique to you!
5. If you work in the music or the restaurant industry - Ink It Up! Otherwise, perhaps refer to #3

More pictures to come but I would love to hear your opinions on the matter:)

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