My Baby Girl

Today I took my baby girl to the Children's Heart Clinic of Minnesota, which I will go into more detail in my next post. But this post is all about my love of photo apps and my favorite subject - Maggie.

Maggie wasn't too excited about her doctor's appointment...
Waiting for her heart echo...

The blood pressure cuff has to be her least favorite...
Post echo. On the positive side in her room they have ESPN on the TV to watch. Negative - strange computers and jelly on chest with probe poking chest and ribs that she did not care for.
Post traumatic experience in need of Mum
My beautiful baby girl
I love you! I'm sorry that you have to be poked, probed, sedated, monitored, asked a million questions and have to meet new doctors, nurses, receptionists constantly. But I know you will be healthier, stronger, smarter because of all these experiences.
Ever yours
Ever Mine
Ever Ours

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