Vikings Vs. Bears

This Game actually took place a couple weeks ago, but seeing as my blogging has been negligent and I have been trying to catch up, my apologies for the order of these posts ...
No Surprise Maggie and I watched the game and as seeing that everything that could go wrong DID, The Metrodome collapse, Brett Favre's Concussion, having to play outside in a snow covered mess of the college stadium, etc... All things considered they were terrible :-)

BUT dinner was delicious I made a an Indian dish of slow cooked chicken in a vindaloo sauce then roasted potatoes with a bunch of spices and combined everything with peas - super yummy and Maggie friendly
Maggie was so excited when the game finally started, after being thrown off and not happy about having to wait another day for her beloved football (she wakes up on the weekend points to her football poster next to her bed and then signs 'football') It's going to be a rough adjustment when the season ends :(
She really thought the 'intense' fans were really cool... something the aspire too

And once again the Vikings lost... maybe next week will be better
It's not easy being a Vikings fan!

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