Swedish Institute of Minneapolis

My Mom, Maggie and I decided to add some culture to our day and visited the Swedish Institute.
This HOUSE, yes a family built this house and lived their before donating it to the Swedish community, is the most impressive, ornate & royal home I have ever been to.

The outside is castle- like. Their are columns and gargoyles guarding the home. The carriage house behind the main home is larger then our whole house. When you walk in you enter the foyer and the main fireplace...
Yes even the Queen would be impressed - the family who lived here made their fortune by publishing a Swedish Newspaper at the turn of the 20th Century, before Facebook and CNN, and the locals were dying for news from their homeland and apparently were willing to pay for it!
It feels like an old castle in the middle of Germany or France
The interior is magnificent - I felt like I was breathing less to maintain oxygen levels in this museum...
Happy holidays Norway Style - Even though it IS the Swedish Institute they have displays for Norway, Finland but mostly Sweden.
The house was full of decorations - but Pictures were not allowed :(
When I think Swedish and Christmas, I think Santa Lucia, and American Girl doll Kristen. She wore this simple white nightgown and a beautiful wreath with candles on her head and brought Christmas buns to her family.
On the top floor of the house they had a play area for kids and luckily Maggie was the only kid their, otherwise she wouldn't have gone in, But she let me put the plush wreath on her head and played with the kitchen just long enough to snap a couple pics with my phone.
Grandma and Maggie

Of course she wouldn't look at me when I took the picture... oh well I got a couple of her headdress.

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Lindsie said...

What a cool place! Another plus, Mags rocked the headgear!