18 hours

I have really enjoyed the break from School and the few therapy appointments. I had a blast spending time with my brothers. Even the drama and chaos of it all.

However I am really grateful that in approximately 18 hours I will drop boys off and then Maggie will be on her way... Peace and quiet will descend upon the house...

Then reality will set in... I have a lot to do

to do list:
1. Finish application for some classes this semester (which actually is about 4 steps)
2. Schedule the next 6 month of Therapy
3. Find some creative physical therapy options for Mags
4. Read my scriptures.... I have poor discipline in this area and need to improve
5. Grocery shopping - also 2 step process sense certain foods I can only get at Trader Joe's
6. Think of perfect gift, then buy for a friend's son's Baptism this saturday
7. I have VT reports I need to complete
8. reimbursement forms I need to complete and send to the state
9. go to the bank
10. Target - I'm almost out of diapers and that is NEVER good
11. iTunes money that is burning a hole in my pocket.... :)
12. Nana has a doctors appointment this week I am taking her too, never enjoyable...

I'm sure I'm forgetting something else but sense I have the memory of a cucumber these days...

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