Due to my lack of motivation in other activities... To kill time, be productive, feel like I actually accomplished something I decided to tackle a huge endeavor.

My Bathroom
(cue horror music)

It looked like a tornado came in and destroyed it. I had 10 bottles of shampoo with just a few drops in them but didn't want to waste so I didn't throw away.

Hello Call Up Auditions for Hoarders!
Trash, a whole department store worth of bottles and jars. Baskets and containers full of STUFF. And don't get me started on my hair products... I have a little bit of everything from Putty to Hairspray. Straighteners and Curling Irons. Rollers and Oh yeah Hair accessories. Lotions and Medicine. Soap and Pedicure stuff. Smelly sprays and breakable bottles...
After a lot of throwing away, combining of things & most importantly organizing my drawer... the final product looked liked this!
1 container for makeup. 1 for small jewelry another for hairpins/hair ties. It's so easy to find everything and makes me happy :) everything Hair is in the other drawer neat and accessible. Everything bath has it's own area! I even found a small iPod speaker I thought I lost so I will always have music while I get ready.


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Lindsie said...

Don't you just love when you get your personals in order! LOL Looks great! =)