Walter Raleigh

I love, LOVE when my brother says something like "Oh I forgot I have to _______ and its DUE tomorrow!"
It's fantastic!
NOT! and in this case not an easy sign and go situation but a creative costume for a history report. Andy had been working on a report about the courtier and explorer Walter Raleigh, well I don't have Elizabethan garb laying around the house so we got creative

Tights - because every gentleman can pull off a pair of tights
Big Cross - Metal, I figure mostly historically accurate and well of any time periods the Tudor Era you Wear your Religion - and then are beheaded for it :(
Loose shirt - We actually got this shirt years ago at then Reinassance Faire
Belt - Because he was swimming in the shirt
Garter - I made one out of ribbon, but Raleigh was a appointed to the Order of the Garter - Very Fancy
Shoes - pointy low flats that we got out of my moms closet
Cute Boy - Andy

Goofy boy - who got an A on this presentation!!!
Can I just say as parents/Older siblings I feel like I do more work than he does :)

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