Being the kind and awesome daughter I am...

I made cookie bags for all of my moms teachers and staff. This would have been an easy task but with the awful weather became slightly more complicated.

But being the professional I am...

I conquered and made gingerbread cookies, cranberry and chocolate chip, sugar with various toppings and a coconut cardamon which was really delicious.

Various delectable toppings
I can not cook with awesome tunes and I have an eclectic music mix from Weezer to Jars of Clay to Owl City and Blondfire even Sinatra!
I gave Andy my camera and he took some really good pictures
Of course he didn't clean the lens so their are water spots... oh well
My little not so helpful helper

Lets just say I got more done after she went to bed - - -
Andy got a lot of close ups but most of them were really blurry so he asked me to use this one
And of course when he got bored with just cookies and taking pictures he practiced his Trekkie live long and prosper :)
Cranberry and Chocolate Chip Cookies
The finished product was really cool. I took little bags filled them with cookies, small chocolates and candy canes then tied them with little personalized tags - so cute but time consuming

I heard the Teachers loved them so Job well done and apparently I still got skill!

Martha Stewart has nothing on me!

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