Maggie had her first official day of pre-preschool, oh yes they prep kids to go to preschool. It's rough these days there's lots of competition who's the best colorer, who's the best hand raiser, who's the best alphabet singer all very important on college applications in the not so near future.  
Oh but my Maggie isn't concerned with those things. She was more interested in following and flirting with the Teacher assistant, Mike. Now granted she has good taste, he is hansom but I thought I had a few years before I had to worry about who she likes.  

That's my girl, I'm a proud mother 

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Holly Janeen said...

oh that mags... always flirtin' with the men...
she TOTALLY got her lovableness from YOU... and the flirting, too.
next time... lets see a cute picture of mags first day, shall we? or do i need to give you picture download instructions? or do you need a camera? hm... guess you better just move down here.