Jane Austen

Every once in a while a get a craving for Mr. Darcy.  

I can't explain it other than since the age of 10 I have wanted to be an Austen Character. As Jane says, my characters will have all that they desire. It's my guilty pleasure so to speak. So I had no other choice then to give into my craving, so today I started with Becoming Jane and next is Pride and Prejudice my favorite movies and a bowl of ice cream make for the perfect day.  

What's not to love about Jane Austen Stories? Always a happy ending where the ladies find love, a suitable husband and of course wealth - full of intrigue along the way. 

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Holly Janeen said...

um, i will be over in a few.


now you made me want to do the EXACT same thing.

i have had weird jane austin cravings lately, too.

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