Magdalaina's Birthday!

Today, February 3, 2009, Is Maggie's 3rd Birthday! It is her golden birthday. She slept until 9:30, she wanted her beauty sleep I guess, But she doesn't need it :) Pancakes with maple syrup from yours truly and a morning filled with bubbles, bubble wrap and Veggie Tales .... What more could a girl want? 

Her Uncle Andy gave her large legos for her birthday he was so cute about it. He got them on a week when they were on sale. And double checked the age range so they wouldn't hurt her - He's so sweet! 

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Holly Janeen said...

you are the cutest.
i love that you joined the blog world :)
and i am so glad mags was born- and that i know her... she is such a great kid!!
happy birthday Magdalaina!!!