I LOVE going to Chicago!!!
I get to see my dad and his wonderful wife Kelly, their weird furry children Bee and Nunzio (cats)
Sleep in a super comfy bed, one of those Tall four poster beds with 20 pillows(no exaggeration required) Watch a movie (he has like 3000) on a 60 inch beautiful piece of technology while lounging on the most comfortably slaughtered Cow for my benefit, sipping on an ice cold beverage - and I can do this at 2 am if I want - Nothing Better!!!!

And to add to my excitement .... the element of not knowing - no precise plans have been arranged so it's all on a whim, what were in the mood for, stay in PJ's till noon, watch movies consecutively for 4 days if that's the game plan who am I to interrupt destiny!

I Love Chicago!

PS. go Cubbies :)

1 comment:

Holly Janeen said...

well that beats visiting ME any day!

can i fit in your suitcase??

i hope you have fun... take pictures... and blog apon your return :)