After visiting with the Pediatrician for Maggie's 5yr check-up she referred us to a Neurologist.
Maggie was seen by the (Brain) Noran Clinic when she was 2 for what seemed like mild seizures. She went through a battery of tests 2 hour EEG's and eventually a 48 hour EEG's it was a series of appointments and nurses and blood work and machines and driving downtown, and validating parking, & bad hospital food - However it was worth all of it to eventually lead us to her diagnosis. But that small part of me thinks

I've already done this! Maggie has had been through so much can't she be done?

I'm worried and stressed - unmotivated in other areas of life - that this is the beginning. Again.

A few weeks ago Maggie sustained burns on her legs while pushing herself against our electric fireplace...


No crying, no pulling away from the source of pain, if any pain I suppose

I've seen minor injuries that she has had no reaction too and I assumed she had a high pain tolerance.

I just hope this is a minor incident - that it's not the start of another search for another diagnosis.

but yet again I am changing my schedule to fit in another doctors appointment - trying to stay positive.

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