I spend several hours a week in waiting rooms, viewing room - enclosed rooms with a glass window- talking with parents. We talk about our children.

Not in the way other moms probably talk about their children...

I hear regular mom's talk about what their child accomplished today. How great they are doing in school. How many sports their playing.
Play dates.
A funny thing they said last night.
Their friends.
The list goes on...

But for Me - A Parent of a Special Needs Child - Conversations with other mothers in the similar boat usually consist of comparing meltdowns and calming down techniques.

Restaurants that have Gluten free/Dairy free options

Doctors we like and don't like

Specialists we've seen, or ask about medical challenges we may face in the future from parents with older kids who are infinitely wiser or better for the ware.

How lonely we are.

How difficult it is to deal with normal functioning children, who are of course perfect and we are reminded of that by their even more perfect parents...

I have decided to change my blog from simply recapping just my little family small events to a much more personal outlook on what it is really like being a parent of a special needs child.
I will try to be honest and open - which may not be pretty or easy to read. But I feel it is important, necessary even - too often I hear a sense of pity even sadness when people talk to me.

I hear all the time it is our responsibility as parents to bring 'Awareness' - I'm not entirely sure how to do that. Or exactly all that implies. But I do know that if individuals, who might read a blog, become more comfortable with children with special needs then it's worth a try.

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Lindsie said...

Oh Myk, I am so glad you are opening up to the idea of sharing your troubles & tribulations! My family knows so much of what you are going through due to Jeff working with remarkable Sabastion. Everytime he makes even a small step it feels huge & we all get so excited. His family has intertwined & become part of ours. I know we also know so little of what you go through. I look forward to hearing your journey & thank you for feeling so open-I am sure you WILL touch someone in a way you may not thought you will! Love you dear friend!!