Maggie's Birthday

Maggie turned 4!!!!!
And with every birthday a celebration is a necessity - and with any good celebration cake is involved... this posed a dilemma.
Gluten/Dairy Free Cake?!?.
Well luckily Betty Crocker was thinking the same thing I was and created this really tasty alternative for my little girl.
I dressed the table with really pretty mint green and pale baby girl pink, Maggie helped me pick it out. And then we placed the lavender and yellow flowers on the table for contrast - I think it turned out real cute! But the best part - We ate in the living room :) I laugh now however at the time I thought I did all this work and it's not being used....
Maggie was very helpful while I got the food ready... well Maggie helpful she was entranced with "Bug's Life" So I was able to do what I needed to get done with little interruption.
I <3>

We had over our favorite friends "the Judges" and did just a same family dinner and gifts but it was so much fun and the best night for Maggie - she LOVES the Judges and when Maggie's happy - we're all happy!! She got a bunch of great board books and cute clothes.
Gran - MA ma ma(in a British foo foo accent) - is what we call my mother, she found this Mickey Mouse decor for the counter which looks cool, Maggie liked it - but WOW was it difficult to put together - seriously I needed a Doctorate Degree - crazy ridiculously difficult but for Maggie - ANYTHING
The Judges brought this "cake" which was really cupcakes for all the kids to devour - and did they! luckily they ate them and then went home so it wasn't so bad for us..HAhahaha
Sweet Maggie with her Favorite Uncle Andy and Clare Bear
Happy 4th Birthday Maggie
we love you

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sherie said...

She is really growing up...I can't believe she is 4 already! Hope you day was a really happy one, Maggie!