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(I don't have any pictures, because my camera is not liking me recently and decides to act up when I really would like it to just work, but that's a whole other issue.)

Maggie and I, more Maggie then me but I enjoy watching her, have been watching Basketball - Maggie's beloved Basketball boys. I admit I prefer college basketball to Pro basketball and this time of year is exciting because you could want to watch a game at 2am and It's On! or at 3 in the afternoon, theirs a game on! Yesterday I think we saw 3 different games that were cut into a 2 hour span and boy let me tell you - Best 2 hours in Maggie's life, well best 2 hours this week at least!!!

Now Football seems to be her favorite, Basketball a close second and I think she really enjoyed going to the baseball game - however it wasn't for the baseball it was more for the music and her grandpa bought her "HER OWN" diet coke - and MAN - she takes after me and loves her diet coke!!! (I know she's 4 probably shouldn't have had any in her life but she sees my silver can and goes crazy so yes she gets a sip, A sip only) so the fact that she got "HER OWN"

WOW - she drank it over the course of the game and then chewed on the bottle and death gripped it till we left. It's the little things.

I digress but anyways if there are exciting sports on - Maggie is a happy girl so currently I have the happiest kiddo around

making me a Happy Momma :)

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