H2O fun

This past week when it was warm and summery (today's high, 59, feels more like September) we decided to explore the new water park at the zoo. 
Which is a double feature - Water and Animals -SCORE!
The combination of water sprouting from the ground and the sprinkling overhead is pure magic for a 3 year old. For Andy too - who, of course, was the utmost helpful uncle. 
This picture made me SO happy!! I was simply clicking away with my iPhone hoping to just get an image in focus and to my surprise when I looked through my images - A perfect mid-jump, in focus picture of Maggie practicing her awesome jumping skills. Kudos to Apple for creating a great camera phone!
If there was a medal, purple heart or Nobel peace prize equivalent for outstandingly patient uncle - My vote would be for Andy. 
It was a fantastic 30 minutes well spent. 
Even the Sunburn on my arms and chest was worth it for the enjoyment of watching them play.

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