Fun and New

Maggie has been participating in all sorts of Fun and New Activities. 
1. Car attachment on Cart at grocery store thingy - Uncle Andy insisted we find this Cart thingy (I'm not sure on the correct term) because he felt Maggie would enjoy it. He was right, she did enjoy the ride, however I did not enjoy steering, it was like the 18 wheeler of Carts. 
That's a relaxed and happy kiddo :) - nothing sadder than the day you out grow the seat in the grocery cart and have to walk around to shop. 

2. Horse Therapy - Oh She Loves it! When we arrive at the barn she starts to do her happy dance. Freckles is the horse Maggie rides. Her head is so small we had to adjust the helmet and put toilet paper in the back so it wouldn't slide into her face. But my little girl is so happy on her horse, nothing could bother her.
too cute for mere motherly bias
While she is riding I joke with her that she's practicing for the Olympics or the Rodeo. I'll ask - Maggie are you the rodeo queen? she laughs and waves like the true Equestrian Princess she is. I love how comfortable she is. No fear - simply joy

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