Day 5

I am gaining ab muscles by the sheer force and core strength it is taking to cough this much. I hate being sick but really who enjoys it? Answer, Nobody! But I am tired, physically yes but emotionally and mentally drained. I have not been out of the house in a week. 7 days. I have been cooped up in a house that otherwise is pleasant but today feels germier than ever. Germ plus 'ier' = new word of the day. Some brain cells are apparently functioning but in the course of typing a few sentences I have changed my core temperature 3 times. It's like menopause but not. Nope, not even close. The Pros are instant weight loss. I have never not wanted to eat. I don't skip meals and I'm not the size of a supermodel but I have had no appetite the past couple days and all I want is tea and maybe orange juice. I'm out of orange juice... put that under Con. Another pro is catching up on a massive lack of sleep. However restless and drug induced the sleep may be, it is highly appreciated and not taken for granted. Boogers are gross and while I have had a box of kleenex attached to me sense Tuesday, I didn't realize I had this much fluid in my head. Even with makeup, my skin is awesomely grey/white and not in a porcelain beautiful way but in a gaunt gross way.

I really hope I am feeling better by tomorrow I don't have to patience to be sick for the long run. Mother nature give me the horrible 24 bug and then be done! Wham, hits you hard and then your done. That's all I'm asking for.

Thank you Immune System! (Sarcasm)

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