Heart, Teeth & Blood Work oh My!

The day finally came and went but it was a LONG day.
We arrived at the hospital (Maggie and I had not eaten in 12 hours or had any liquids) at 9 am and I though she would be under by 10 and out of surgery by 12.
Was I wrong!
She wasn't even put under until after 12, that's 3 hours we had to kill in a boring hospital room that, thank God, had a TV with PBS so she watched clifford and arthur. Then after getting bored with that I pulled out the iPad and she watched espn football for an hour.

The nurses were amazing and We are fortunate to have a fantastic children's hospital! However It was a long day... by 2 she was finally in surgery and I had to have something to drink so I found the cafeteria and of course it was closed. Awesome. But the guy cleaning took pity on me and he gave me a bottle of diet coke :) I went back to out room thinking it would take 1 -2 hours... more like 4 :( Only positive I could think of was that the TV had travel channel so I watched 4 episodes of No Reservations.
Waking up his time was much harder than previous experiences. She did not take to the multiple rounds of anesthesia well, on top of morphine and empty stomach it was not good.
Yes, she LOVES her vikings! Good news is were moving along with her Heart doctor, teeth are clean and she only had a couple cavities (which for as difficult it is cleaning her teeth, is fantastic!)

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