Random - combination of everything of the last few months - Your Welcome

This really isn't in any specific order but just random photo's of this summer.
To begin with, of course, Maggie riding Horses!
Such a happy kiddo, so small on this magnificent giant creature.
My crush - this really isn't a new event of this summer I've had a thing for him for 4 seasons of the Tudors but I thought I'd include him anyways - Oh Henry Cavill
(Is it just me but... look at this picture then look at the picture of me to your left we look good together.)
I was driving on a major highway in the cities and saw this....
HAHAHAAAA - Had to take a pic.

Once again, Henry Cavill - I just can't wait for your next project - sense Tudors ended I've missed you
Temps in the high 90's even 100s is normal for AZ - but this MN people! 99 is ridiculous and with 90% humidity - shoot me now... I'm glad those days of summer are behind us.
This is my favorite, sweetest horse at the ranch - APOLLO. He is a Percheran Draft horse - BIG BOY, just look at maggie's hands compared to his head!
He is a gentle giant!
So this little event PISSED ME OFF! My family and I took two cars to go eat dinner at this awesome mexican food restaurant and we all left in my car excluding my dad - he stayed to pay the bill while we got maggie home. He was oblivious to the artwork on the side of the car and drove home. Well the rest of us noticed it right away - the word "ILLEGAL" was drawn with car paint on the window. We called the police and apparently their was a few of these events that were taking place at mexican specific places - coiniciding with a lot of illegal immigration friction - I'm not a policitian nor do I want to be one however this was an act of vandilism no matter how you feel on the issue.
(This one's for you Holly)
Just a quick shot of the hundreds of people in line at midnight to see Eclipse :) Yes - It was AWESOME!
Just a cool photo - sometimes I love my iphone the blurry people annoying, blurry landscape sometimes really cool!
Maggie on her horse - can you see her she's that tiny pink dot
She never holds on with her hands its all in her thighs - she has amazingly strong little legs.
I don't a have a ton of pics but this summer we road tripped to the coast and spent some time in South Carolina - Maggie was a real trooper! she slept a good amount of the time and when she was awake she was pleasant and happy only one minor diaper not aborbant enough moment but C'est La Vie. She loved the Beach and got to watch Nemo and Cars everyday which was her ideal vacation.
Andy and I went to a 'Beatles' Concert - actually the best one we've been too. (this is our 3rd) Before the show we spent sometime downtown which is filled with cool artwork and crazy people and great food. We went to this British Pub and had Fish n Chips. The Andy posed with Joe Mauer.... Kinda

We had awesome seats row 4 on the right side in front of 'Paul' - Fantastic!!!! So bummed this was blurry, but we had a great time! He's my favorite date.
New Shoes!!!! I was so excited to get these. Went to Journey's with a $5 coupon, the shoes I liked were 50 bucks Because she's no longer toddler size($35) - well I saw these awesome plaid and green shoes on %75 off plus coupon they were $14.99 !!!!!!!!!!
Being a true fan is exhausting! So much jumping up and down and excitement. It tires this little extreme fan out.
But not too worry she's up and ready to cheer after a little nap.
It's just so exciting. I love my sports too - But I really love watching Maggie!
Random .... smiley brownies
I wish I had more photo's BUT I went to see LADY GAGA in concert and it was freakin awesome!!!!!!
My Equestrian Princess
We went to the Minnesota State Fair which is known for it's 'Miracle of Birth' - which is a lot of baby farm animals: cows, pigs, sheep, goats, bunnies, chicks and horses. This baby was only a few hours old sleeping under his mothers chin - SO Adorable!
This baby calf was In Love with the taste of Maggie's shoes. I think this calf thought salt lick and chew toy all in one - Yeah! And Maggie didn't mind at one point found it very funny.

We had a little incident only a few weeks ago where Maggie fell off one bed only to hit the edge of another and ready make a mark on her chest. Fortunately it healed quickly and only looked awful.
First Vikings game of the 2010 season!!!
Very exciting even though the Purple boys played awful. We were still excited and ready for football season.

It's been exciting, boring, long and interesting at times and mostly good however this was unacceptable. This was found at my mom's school, on monday Sep 13th, after a long rainy weekend. It is untraceable and the St. Louis Police Department can't rationalize a dead-end search and after all the media coverage of the intolerant and ignorant so called pastor in FL who threatened to burn scripture, nothing will be done to the person who actually DID burn Scripture.
I don't think it is a coincidence that the date says 9/11 - however I do believe the person who commited this awful act is of no faith and religion. They are responsible for their own actions.
And to end on an exciting evening, last friday I went to a twins game. My first at Target Field! which is awesome - so clean and modern and it has trees and is Eco-friendly and huge screen and fireworks and an awesome winning team :)

Ah well a little bit of this and a little bit of that - good, bad and ugly! It is what it is :) Nothing especially juicy but hey a little look into out little corner of the world.

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