Horse Therapy

Well after too many months of snow, ice and bone chilling cold Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful beautiful Spring that bring rain showers, flowers and leaves in full bloom and best of all horseback riding! By far Maggie's favorite therapy and extremely therapeutic both physically and emotionally she is completely happy. Not to mention adorable in her skinny jeans and huge helmet.
Even after months off from her routine of weekly lessons, she got right on and immediately tightened her thighs and put her heels down just like she hadn't missed a week of practice.
(all the while waving to me with each lap just like the true equestrian princess she is.)
This is Stewart - the typical barn cat complete with absolutely no stranger danger, human or equine, and demands your attention with the utmost persistence... not to mention he has extra digits
Not lying - SERIOUSLY - extra toes on all four paws.....weird I know but he's so cute and soft and persistent, it needs repeating because I can't express how in your face and you will pet me now this cat is. In a good way :)

Before She gets to ride Maggie walks around the barn and greets the horse at the gate. These are big horses that are for the most part very friendly and to most kids intimidating. Not to Maggie though she just laughs and loves up on them in her sweet little way.
I love these photo's because they capture not only Maggie's sheer joy and delight in these animals but the expression and gesture of this horse also shows his joy is delighting her, bowing his head so she can pet him - a true therapy animal
She looks SO SMALL - fragile and breakable at any moment yet fearless and excited for the adventure

And to think this was just the last 2 days we have several weeks of this to come and I can already tell Maggie is going to have a fabulous summer! She has no idea all the exciting things I have in store for her :)

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Holly Janeen said...

1. that picture of you is HAWT in every way possible. for realz.

2. i am so happy for mags. so glad to see these pics and know she is doing well :)