Christmas Part 2

Christmas stockings which for Maggie, consisted of small board Dr. Suess books - Maggie received lots of books and she liked them all!
She also got a cute little polar bear which Rocky thought was for him to chew on which didn't go well with him when we took it away.

It's good to be the Baby - LOTS of Presents for MAGGIE :)
Best of all after the first present she just wanted to play with her old toys and had no desire to open any more
Mickey was the surprise from Santa this year which Maggie liked but kept pointing to the TV and signing movie every time we said mickey - She had more desire to watch Mickey than sit with him.
But the Present she was most excited about was her FAVRE JERSEY
I have mentioned several times that Maggie loves Football and she cheers every Sunday and occasional Monday for the Vikings - she saw the little viking head and purple and said "WOW"
It was a big hit!

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