Oilily Model

I know every parent thinks their child is 
the most beautiful, the smartest, the 'fill in the blank'...
And I know I'm biased but come on, Is this not one beautiful little girl?
With her snazzy fancy clothes and abundant hair it's no wonder everyone seems to be smitten with her - (And soon she will be a cover model for the Diocese Baptism article) 
These looks have to be credited to Granny Kelly - and her love of Oilily clothes and what about those shoes you ask yourself? Oh yes they are pink converse with princess ribbon laces and pink and silver rhinestones in the shape of a tiara on the toe :) 
And that hair - No Wig Ladies and Gentlemen ! It's just that pretty - most adult women would kill for volume and length like Maggie's. And don't forget that color!


Holly Janeen said...

she is a babe. no doubt about it.

sherie said...

She is just darling!!! I am Holly's mom and have gotten to see Maggie a few times when Holly babysat her. She is just precious and if she didn't already have a grandma, I would ask if I could adopt her. And her hair is to die for!

Mychael said...

Oh Sherie of course I know your Holly's mom! You are very sweet and can you ever have too many Grandma's? :)