long week...

Maggie always makes for a cute blog!
It's been a long week so far for me. I've been going to So many doctor's appointments and therapy appointments and not feeling like we've getting anything other than really expensive doctor's bills - (only time I kinda wish I was Mrs. Cruise) I Love my kid so I want to do anything I can for her. The icing on the cake though was going to the metabolic geneticist where I was giving 3 options 2 of which don't explain everything the other is just a really depressing diagnosis. Hopefully in the next few days I will receive a phone call with a pleasant voice on the other end delightfully explaining that the blood work all came back normal and the urine tests did show elevated levels and some diet changes are necessary but overall we do not know what is wrong.  That's better then a really negative diagnosis. 

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Holly Janeen said...

i LOVE her pigtails.
you are such a good mommy... i cant believe all that you have to go through with doctors and stuff... seriously, i just cant emagine how hard that must be.